Thank you for your interest in a commission or custom piece. Please read the information below, which covers terms and commonly asked questions.

Basic information For Commissions To The Trade

When getting in touch about a custom project, reference photos are appreciated. Please note, each commission piece is unique and will vary based on many of the factors that are a part of small ceramic production, including variations in size, pattern, and glaze color.

Lighting Commissions To The Trade

I work with two clay bodies for lamps: dark brown and cork colored clay. Lamps are in two shapes: bells, balls. Within those shapes I usually have three sizes: small, medium, and large.

There is a two lamp minimum, with a non-refundable deposit (50%) to start work required. All lamps are professionally wired with additional UL option available. Pricing for pendants varies by size and style, but may generally be similar to the following:

Small: $650 each (+ $125 basic professional wiring)
Medium: $950 each ( + $125 basic professional wiring)
Large: $1100 each (+ $125 basic professional wiring)

Wiring includes cloth cord, brass patina canopy, and hardware. 
Walnut arms available for additional purchase of $150. 
Production timeframe is generally 8-10 weeks from time deposit is received. 
Please contact Pricing may vary depending on availability and current studio projects.

Lamp Shapes & Sizes               

Small Ball:        7-10 inches tall x 7-10 inches diameter

Medium Ball:   10-12inches tall x 10-12inches diameter
Large Ball:        12-13inches tall x 12-13inches diameter

Small Bell:        9-10 inches tall X 6-7 inches diameter
Medium Bell:   10-13 inches tall x 7-8 inches diameter
Large Bell:        12-15 inches tall x 8-9 inches diameter

For multi-pendant chandeliers, extra large pieces and commercial projects, please contact to discuss scope and custom commission pricing.


Wallhangings are primarily retail only. Please contact individual stockists for current availability. 
Large wallhanging commissions start at $1200 for sizes beginning at 36" wide. A non-refundable deposit is required to start work. Please contact with commission requests.

Studio visits are by appointment only.

Current inventory in the studio may be viewed, when available, in The Shop.