Our kiln rental space is currently full! Thank you for your interest.

Kiln Space Rental Pricing & Rules:

Firing Prices Per Space Used:
.05 cents per cubic square inch (includes bisque firing & glazes)


Entire Kiln Rental:
Bisque @ $400
Glaze @ $600

The kiln is Geil Gas Kiln is 36 cubic feet shuttle load downdraft kiln. We fire Cone 10 reduction. For bisque we fire to Cone O6.

The studio glazes are as follows:
*Matte White
*Gloss White
*Heavenly Lavender
*Bray Shino
*Matte Black
*Heino Crackle
*Textured Green Matte
*Long Beach Blue
*Peacock Teal
*Heino Matte Turquiose
*Tin Clear
*Ruths Green

If you would like to use an outside glaze please bring a test piece / tile to test in the kiln prior glazing multiple pieces in the kiln. If you leave a bucket of glaze in the studio please understand that it is open for all to use. Sharing is fun!

Glaze booth is available for use. Bring your own spray gun and protective gear.

Must use Cone 10 clay bodies only. If you are not sure what type of clay you have you can not fire it in the kiln.

Please email Heather for a firing schedule if you are interested.